Item No.: EE0065335 - Oakton Conductivity and TDS Std, 100 µS; 5 x 60mL

Oakton Conductivity and TDS Std, 100 µS; 5 x 60mL
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Ideal for laboratory and field analysis

  • All Oakton Conductivity and TDS Standards are traceable to NIST standard reference materials
  • Solutions help you calibrate conductivity instruments to ensure accuracy
  • Standard values given at 25°C
  • Use when readings are expected to be around 100 µS/cm

More About this Item

KCl, NaCl and 442 conversions printed on the bottle for ease of use (excluded on 60-mL bottle, but included in insert)
Temperature corrections are printed on the bottle, with certified values listed in tables and referenced to 25°C (excluded on 60-mL bottle, but included in insert)
Manufactured under ISO 9000 quality guidelines and traceable to NIST standards
If unopened, shelf life is 1 year
Conductivity options range from 1 µS/cm to 200,000 µS/cm

Convenient 60-mL bottles come in a pack of five-ideal for field use. Grab one when you're on the go!

Specifications & Description
Conductivity Value (µS) 12880
Conductivity Value (mS) 12.88
Volume (mL) 60
Conductivity-to-TDS Calibration Values (ppm 442) 11367
Conductivity-to-TDS Calibration Values (ppm KCl) 7447
Conductivity-to-TDS Calibration Values (ppm NaCl) 7230
Description Conductivity and TDS Standard, 100 µS; 5 x 60 mL Bottles/Pk


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