Item No.: EE0065350 - Oakton Conductivity Solution, 15,000 µS, 500 ml

Oakton Conductivity Solution, 15,000 µS, 500 ml
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Standards have KCl, NaCl and 442 conversions printed on the bottle for ease of use. Temperature corrections are printed on the bottle, with the certified values listed in the tables, accurate to within 0.5% and are referenced to 25C. Certificates of analysis available separately, or call our Application Specialists for more details. Includes a NIST-traceable calibration report supplied by the manufacturer. One 500-mL (17-oz) bottle.

  • Size: 500 mL
  • Product Type: Calibration Solutions
  • Manufacturer number: 00653-50
  • Conductivity-to-TDS calibration values ppm NaCl: 8532
  • Conductivity-to-TDS calibration values ppm KCl: 8759
  • Conductivity-to-TDS calibration values ppm 442: 13,455
  • Conductivity: 15,000 S
  • Brand: Oakton


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