Item No.: F93447MM - ProWeigh Filters for TSS, 47mm, 100pk

ProWeigh Filters for TSS, 47mm, 100pk
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ProWeigh® Filters are 1.5µm Binderless Glass Fiber Filters with all preparation steps done for you.

All ProWeigh filters are prepared according to Standard Methods requirements. 47mm binderless glass fiber filters are weighed, washed 3 times in deionized water, dried at 105°C and weighed to 0.1mg. Filters come packaged in a labeled aluminum pan with the weight of the filter printed on the label. In addition, the filter weight and ID number are printed in code 128 bar coding.

Size: 47mm

Reproducibility: ±0.2mg

Accuracy: ±0.4mg max

Pack of 100.

Download a brochure on the benefits of ProWeigh® Filters

For added convenience, complete data for each box of filters is available on our website! Product data includes:

  • Box ID Number
  • Filter ID Number
  • Filter Weight
  • Filter Material Lot Number

To access your ProWeigh Data, simply go to our website, http://www.envexp.com/filterdata and type in your Box ID number (found on the product label on your box). The product data for all the filters in your box is populated on your computer screen.

Download your data into a CSV/Excel file with just one click. It's as simple as that. Your filter data will be stored in our system indefinitely. Access your data any time, making method and audit compliance a snap.

To determine time and cost savings in your lab by switching to ProWeigh, you can download our ProWeigh Cost Calculator.

Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

SM 2540USGS I-3765-85

Don't see your test method listed? Please let us know. You can email us at info@envexp.com

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