Item No.: F95005 - Universal Solids Standard (Low Range), 10pk

Universal Solids Standard (Low Range), 10pk
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Universal Solids Standard (USS) provides known QC data for all solids procedures. USS is suitable for Total and Volatile Solids, Total and Volatile Suspended Solids. USS is supplied in glass vials with weights of non-dissolvable material affixed. The volatile percentage of USS of each lot is supplied, along with directions for its use. USS enables laboratories to continually monitor the quality of their solids testing results. All USS products work best as a whole volume standard. The nature of the solid material cause them to not be amenable to using aliquots.

"We're pleased with the Solids Standards. We've used them with batches of total and volatile solids. My analyst is coming up with numbers very close to yours. I don't think we've varied more than 6% from your target values on any of the ones we've completed so far. I was surprised that the volatiles were coming out so well. I expected more variation."
Gloria E. Grillo, Laboratory Supervisor
Environmental Health Laboratory
Lake Co. Health Dept. and Community Health Ctr.

Concentration: 40-90mg

Standards come in a box of 10 bottles.

Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

SM 2540ASTM D5907

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