Item No.: SC0601 - FlipMate 50, 0.45um PES w/ pre-filter, 100pk

FlipMate 50, 0.45um PES w/ pre-filter, 100pk
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100 pack of FlipMate Assemblies

The FlipMate 50 System is designed for 50mL digestion cup filtration. 
   - Bring the sample to volume
   - Thread the FlipMate 50 Assembly onto the cup containing the sample and tighten
   - Thread an additional 50mL digestion cup onto the FlipMate 50.  Tighten securely
   - Invert entire assembly, attach vacuum source and apply

In a few seconds the sample will be drawn through the filter assembly into the empty cup.  Your filtered sample can then be capped for storage.

See our VIDEO on how the FilterMate and FlipMate work in real life.


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