Item No.: SC801 - HotBlock® - AirLite® HEPA-Filtered Enclosure

HotBlock® - AirLite® HEPA-Filtered Enclosure
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This bench-top enclosure for the HotBlock provides HEPA filtered air for cleaner, more uniform digestions. The AirLite™ uses a quiet 117CFM internal PVC coated fan. The cabinet is constructed from PET-G for exceptional clarity. The door of the enclosure opens a full 180° for easy access. The body of the enclosure rests in a thermoformed Kydex® base that traps spills and can easily be removed for cleaning. Replacement parts are available. Enclosure comes with a spare 117CFM fan.

Size: 25.5"h x 32"w x 24"
Door Opening Size: 32"w x 17"d
Materials: PET-G/Lexan walls and door, Kydex® top and bottom plates
Fan: 117CFM PVC-coated
Electrical: 120VAC 1 amp 3-prong plug


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