Item No.: TDS100 - StableWeigh TDS Vessel, 100pk

StableWeigh TDS Vessel, 100pk
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StableWeigh Approval

  • Able to use right out of the package with the weight and barcode already printed on the vessel
  • Method compliant* so you can rest assured you are within compliance for the analysis
  • Heat resistant to the temperatures required in the method
  • Lower weight compared to a traditional crucible means better precision in your analytical results
  • Faster cooling times due to the unique properties of StableWeigh
  • Disposable so that you no longer have to worry about washing and cross contamination
  • Vessel holds up to 300 mLs of sample
*ASTM D5907, SM 2540-2015

StableWeighâ„¢ reduces the amount of time you spend preparing, weighing, cooling, and cleaning your evaporation vessels. The disposable vessels are prepared and weighed for you, allowing you to start your analysis immediately without the cumbersome task of drying a crucible and obtaining the tare weight. StableWeigh vessels are inert to common water and waste water components and are heat resistant at the temperature required by the method. Because the mass of the vessel is an order of magnitude lower than a traditional glass or ceramic crucible the StableWeigh vessel does not hold as much heat energy and will cool to balance temperature much faster. Having the mass of the vessel closer to the mass of the weighed residue also gives greater precision and accuracy. This will help to reduce the number of drying and weighing cycles needed to obtain a constant weight. Once you are done with the analysis the vessel can be disposed of which eliminates the need for washing and the possibility of carryover from one sample to the next.

Includes 100 StableWeigh vessels with ID, Weight, and barcode printed on each vessel.

US Patent Number: 10,641,691

California Proposition 65

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Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

SM 2540 ASTM D5907 BS EN 15216:2007

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