Item No.: TDS200R - StableWeigh Modular Rack, 5-Place

StableWeigh Modular Rack, 5-Place
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  • Modular rack that you are able to customize to fit your ovens and dessicators
  • Carry more samples at a time with these sturdy racks
  • Recommended to purchase 1 for the oven and 1 for cooling to reduce cooling times
  • Each individual rack holds 5 vessels for a total of 25 when all 5 racks are used

A modular stainless steel rack. It comes with 5 rows that can be assembled together to fit the depth of your oven or dessicator. The rack helps to easily transport the vessels from the filtration area, to the oven, to the dessicator, and finally to the balance.

Dimensions of 5-place modular rack:

Left to Right - 14.25"
Front to Back - 12.75"
Tall - 4"

Dimensions of individual row: (Rows will overlap once assembled into rack so front to back dimension math is not what you would expect (i.e. 5 x 2.75 not = 12.75)).

Left to Right - 14.25"
Front to Back - 2.75"
Tall - 4"









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