Item No.: TDS222 - StableWeigh TDS Start-Up Kit w/6-place Filling Station

StableWeigh TDS Start-Up Kit w/6-place Filling Station
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StableWeigh Approval

  • Combine and save with our popular StableWeigh kit so that you get a streamlined set-up
  • All components work together
  • StableWeigh vessels are disposable so no need to worry about clean-up or cross contamination
  • Filter your samples directly into the vessels with our 6-place filling station
  • Keep the vessels upright during weighing using the weighing bracket
  • Transfer to and from the oven and dessicator using the modular oven rack

StableWeigh TDS Start-Up Kit includes: (1) 100pk StableWeigh vessels (TDS100), (1) 100pk ProWeigh® washed and dried filters (F92447MM), (1) Weighing bracket (TDS200B), (1) 5-place modular rack (TDS200R), (1) 6-place filling station (TDS600F), and a static control system (TDS700).

StableWeigh vessels reduce the amount of time you spend preparing for analysis. These vessels are inert to common water and waste water components and are heat resistant at the temperature required by the method. Because the mass of the vessel is an order of magnitude lower than a traditional glass or ceramic crucible the StableWeigh™ vessel does not hold as much heat energy and will cool to balance temperature much faster. Having the mass of the vessel closer to the mass of the weighed residue also gives greater precision and accuracy. This will help to reduce the number of drying and weighing cycles needed to obtain a constant weight. Once you are done with the analysis the vessel can be disposed of. This eliminates the need for washing and the possibility of carryover from one sample to the next.

The 6-place filling station gives you the ability to filter up to six samples at one time. The filling station utilizes a design similar to a bell jar to aid in filtration of the sample directly into the StableWeigh vessel. The unique design helps to keep the StableWeigh upright and open while filtering directly into the vessel. This eliminates the need to transfer the filtrate, eliminating the potential loss of solid material during transfer.

Controlling static is key to the success of the Total Dissolved Solids anlaysis. Ensure proper weights using a static control system in tandem with the StableWeigh vessels for accurate results.

StableWeigh vessels are printed with vessel IDs, their corresponding weights, and a barcode for easy data transfer to your LIMS or electronic data sheet.

California Proposition 65

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Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

SM 2540ASTM D5907

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