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How to Store & Transport Your Temperature-Sensitive Samples Safely – Advanced Tools for Cold Chain Monitoring & Compliance

Regardless the industry, if you are working with temperature-sensitive items, this webinar is for you. The food and beverage industry routinely handles perishable products and ingredients, while the biotech and healthcare sectors work with temperature-sensitive samples and specimens that can be irreversibly damaged through high heat or freezing temperatures. A series of activities and instruments are applied to maintain cold chain; preserve the integrity and viability of these items, right from production or harvest through to end-user consumption.

Whether you are directly involved in maintaining cold-chain or routinely handle temperature-controlled items, it is essential to understand the importance of cold storage and transport; temperature monitoring, as well as the need for maintaining indisputable traceability throughout the cold chain. Inadequate or sub-standard temperature monitoring can not only cause irreparable damage but also result in extensive delays, and losses in revenue.

Cole-Parmer has developed a range of innovative tools that can be leveraged for accurate and continuous cold chain monitoring. Prevent unwanted temperature deviations throughout the lifetime of products and gain peace of mind with precise and compliant temperature reports.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Prevent the loss of important samples by leveraging advance temperature-monitoring tools that help preserve cold chain; ensure your peace-of-mind, safeguard your workflow processes and revenues
  • Protect irreplaceable temperature-sensitive samples from unwanted temperature excursions
  • Produce detailed, accurate and compliant temperature data reports

You will have the opportunity to submit questions to the panel; receive focused responses that address your query.

Hosted by:

  • Steven Rowley – Field Sales Specialist
  • Helen Terry – IoT Project Manager
  • Renaud Foret – Analytics Product Sales Manager

Date: July 23rd, 2020 Time: 11:00 AM EST

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"I would just like to say that this was the best Webinar that I have attended in a long time. The speaker was knowledgeable and presented the program in an easy to understand format. Loved it!" 
- Renee C., Laboratory Director, EnviroTest Laboratories

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